Turkey Visa – Requirements, Types, Best Places To Travel In Turkey


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Turkey Visa - Requirements, Types, Best Places To Travel In Turkey

Turkey Visa – Requirements, Types, Best Places To Travel In Turkey


If you’re considering a trip to Turkey, we have the perfect solution for you. Our efficient e-Visa services now provide swift visa delivery, putting an end to the days of visiting embassies for visa processing. The electronic application process has made it incredibly simple and convenient to apply for your visa. Each year, numerous tourists choose our services, and their satisfaction is a testament to the quality of our offerings. We have earned the trust of our clients, and we take on the responsibility of ensuring all your requirements for your Turkey journey are met.

We constitute a team of skilled professionals dedicated to simplifying challenging tasks. Our goal is to consistently uphold the quality of our services, ensuring favorable outcomes each time you seek our assistance. The online platform, evisa-tr, stands out as an exceptionally effective and reliable platform. Give it a try today and share your feedback on your experience with evisa-tr.

So, let’s move forward and know in detail about the procedure to apply e-Visa for Turkey. With that, we also provide you with step-by-step guidelines for the main e-visa application form. This will include all the related information that you are required to fill in the form plus the major requirements for different types of evisa we are offering to the customers.

Different Types Of E-Visas We Are Offering

There are five different sorts of visa processing times, with the fastest being 2 hours and the slowest being 4 days. I’ll give you a list of them here:

  • Standard e-Visa is processed in 4 Days 
  • Urgent e-Visa is processed in 48 Hours
  • Rush e-Visa is processed in 24 Hours 
  • Super Fast e-Visa is processed in 4 Hours
  • Emergency e-Visa is processed in 2 Hours 

Requirements For E-Visa

You must carry at least two passport-sized photographs of yourself, according to the primary requirements for an e-Visa. Another is an extra copy of your passport’s bio page. However, you must ensure that the passport is valid for at least 60 days. 

In other circumstances, such as for business travelers, you must have a copy of your business card, as well as a copy of your passport and a passport-sized photograph.

E-Tourist Visa Requirements

  1. Two Passport-Size Photograph
  2. Scanned Copy Of The Bio Page Of Passport (details must be visible)

E-Business Visa Requirements

  1. Two Passport Sized Photograph
  2. Scanned Copy Of The Bio Page Of Passport (details must be visible)
  3. Copy Of Business Card

Finest Destinations to See In Turkey


Istanbul is a thriving city with an abundant past that is located at the boundary with Europe along with Asia. It went to first known as Constantinople and later on Byzantium. Famous sites such as The Grand Mart, the Blue Mosque too and the Hagia Sophia enhance the city. Istanbul is an appealing vacationer destination because of its unique mix of cultures, which appears in its cuisine, design, and customs.


Famous for its distinct scenic, fairytale-like sights, Cappadocia is a surreal region situated in central Turkey. It is famous for its one-of-a-kind geological functions cave homes, caves with cone-shaped formations of rock referred to as fairy chimneys. An extremely popular activity, hot air balloon trips over Cappadocia’s stunning landscapes supply stunning views of this amazing area.


This lovely city on the Mediterranean coast is well-known for its spectacular coastlines, fascinating historic monuments, and dynamic nightlife. The old town of Kaleici is the home of properly maintained Ottoman buildings and cobblestone roads. Additionally, the town works as an entrance for the lovely Aspendos amphitheater, as well as the historic Perge City. Perge.


Izmir is a city on the sea situated on the Aegean Sea, that is renowned for its dynamic markets tourist attractions, and dynamic power. It is a city that has both modernity and a long-standing background as well and sites such as Kadifekale (Velvet Castle) offer sweeping views of the bay along with the city. Throughout the Journey, Ephesus, the historical city, is accessible.


The capital city of Turkey, Ankara, is a contemporary metropolitan area that has an abundant background. Ankara houses the world-renowned Ataturk Mausoleum which honors Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the man who established modern-day Turkey. Additionally, Ankara has federal government structures and gallery buildings, along with the city has a blend of standard and contemporary architectural designs.


Famous for its social and historical significance, Konya is home to the renowned Sufi the mystic Rumi. People who want the location’s spiritual heritage are draw in by Mevlana’s museum and Swirling Dervishes rites. The Turkish religious and intellectual heritage are display in Konya.


The unspoiled ancient ruins that were as soon as the Greek city Ephesus are prefer. Some of the stunning structures that showcase the city’s historical splendor consist of The Grand Cinema, the Temple of Artemis also and the Collection of Celsus. Ephesus gives a thrilling journey through the past.


With an abundant past and an array of influences on society, Mardin has a city that offers an elevated view over its Mesopotamian plains. Mardin is popular for its distinct mix of Turkish, Arabic, and Kurdish culture, and is home to preserved Middle Ages structures, such as mosques, churches, and the city’s old walls.


Finally, with the streamlined e-Visa services provided by evisa-tr, traveling to Turkey is now easier than ever. The portal provides a hassle-free application experience by offering a range of processing times, from the expedited 2-hour Emergency e-Visa to the usual 4-day option. Passport-sized pictures and a valid passport are requirements, and business travelers must also provide a business card. Aside from the e-visa application process, Turkey has enthralling destinations such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Konya, Ephesus, and Mardin, each of which offers a distinct blend of history, culture, and stunning landscapes to create amazing travel memories.


Q: How can I apply for an e-Visa to Turkey through evisa-tr?

A: Visit our online portal, evisa-tr, and click on the “EVISA APPLICATION” link. Follow the step-by-step instructions to fill out the e-Visa application form.

Q: What are the processing times for different types of e-Visas offered by evisa-tr?

A: We offer Standard, Urgent, Rush, Super Fast, and Emergency e-Visa processing times, ranging from 4 days to as fast as 2 hours.

Q: What are the primary requirements for obtaining an e-Visa to Turkey?

A: You need at least two passport-sized photos, a valid passport with a minimum validity of 60 days, and a copy of your passport’s bio page.

Q: Are there additional requirements for business travelers applying for an e-Business Visa?

A: Yes, business travelers must also provide a copy of their business card in addition to the passport-sized photos and passport bio page.

Q: How secure is the online payment process for e-Visa application fees?

A: The online payment process is entirely secure, utilizing robust security systems to ensure the safety of your transaction.

Q: Can I extend the duration of my e-Visa once it has been issued?

A: No, e-Visas cannot be extended. Ensure your travel plans align with the validity period of the visa.

Q: Is it possible to apply for an e-Visa upon arrival in Turkey?

A: No, e-Visas must be obtained online before traveling to Turkey. There is no provision for obtaining a visa upon arrival.

Q: How soon should I apply for an e-Visa before my planned travel date?

A: It is advisable to apply well in advance of your travel date to avoid any last-minute issues. The processing times vary, so plan accordingly.

Q: Can I get a refund if my e-Visa application is rejected?

A: Refunds are typically not provided for rejected applications. Ensure all information is accurate to avoid rejection.

Q: Are there any specific guidelines for uploading passport-sized photographs for the e-Visa application?

A: Yes, photographs should be clear, recent, and meet the specified dimensions outlined on the official website. Ensure a plain background for the images.

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